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New Online Black Bank Launched.

Greenwood banking is the new online banking that is black-owned and tailored to be modern banking for the culture. This newly bank looks to serve the black community while also recirculating wealth within the black community. It is a bank that is bringing a new style and way to banking while supporting the black culture at the same time.

The online bank was founded by Andrew Young, Michael Render (Killer Mike), and Ryan Glover. It is a bank created to take back control of the financial future for the African American community. This Digital Bank is working to recreate the impact that was once started before back in the 1920s with Black Wall Street in Tulsa.

The bank has started to take on members and emails to join the bank on the waitlist. This is a bank that is starting to create a buzz and is getting attention worldwide. It is a black-owned bank working to serve the black community and, most importantly, circulate the black dollar.

Looking to join the bank as a member sign up here.

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