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Melanin Companies: Toys, Books, & Activities For Kids

Now more than ever most melanin people are focusing on spending their dollars with business owners that look like them. If you are shopping for books, puzzles, or educational activities for your children while they are at home with you. Maybe you want to provide some projects for your child to do that’s giving them skills their school isn’t providing such as activities for coding or becoming an entrepreneur. This list below of companies & their products will have your child ready to learn or even if you just want to have your child play with dolls that look like them these companies provide those things that are for melanin children.
1.  HarperIman Dolls:

2. Puzzle Huddle:

3. Just Like Me Box:

4. The Brown Box:

5. Brave + Kind Bookshop:

6. The Fresh Dolls: 

7. Kido Chicago:

8. Double Dutch Dolls: 

9. Trinity Designs:

10. Uzuri Kid Kidz:

11. Queens of Africa:

12. Toys Like Me:

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