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Covid Cases On The Rise Again.

We have reached the end of the year, and the weather is starting to get cold. With the weather getting cold, as expected, the COVID Cases are increasing again. Now that the number of cases is rising, states and countries are starting to adjust and go back into lockdown or impose strict requirements.

States like Ilinois, New York, Massachusetts, and New Mexico are going back to having tighter restrictions for their COVID Guidelines. They are imposing curfews, limiting gatherings, limiting travel, and focusing on essential mobility only.

You also have countries like Germany who have decided to go back into lockdown and advise their citizens on what is essential and non-essential. These are measures being put in place to reduce the number of cases and prevent another massive breakout of the virus.

Other states have decided to keep their restrictions lifted and encourage people to wear masks and practice social distancing. With so many people being unemployed due to the pandemic, these political leaders are trying to boost the economy and allow people to work if they can.

So some states will try their best to avoid another lockdown to keep their state economy afloat and moving forward. With some companies going out of business, filing for bankruptcy protection, or losing revenue, going through another lockdown will be tough.

Texas has recently passed 1 million cases for the state, and it seems to be the most for any state down south. With the weather starting to stay cold more cases will come consistently. The interesting thing is that how will doctors differentiate between the Flu and Covid when testing patients.

This is the one question that seems tough to answer right now. Both sicknesses have the same symptoms, but it seems to be that the hospitals and doctors are only giving out Covid diagnosis. But expect more states to go on lockdown as they work to prevent the spread of Covid.

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