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No Charges Filed for the Shooting of Jacob Blake

Another shooting by a police officer ending in the same results. On Tuesday, January 5th, the District Attorney of Kenosha County, Michael Graveley, announced that no charges would be filed against police officers for the shooting of Jacob Blake.

This terrible shooting took place in August 2020, and Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by police officer Sheskey. Blake was outside in his community, breaking up a fight between two people. The police were called, and one thing lead to another. Blake was walking around about to enter his car when the police shot him 7 times.

Blake survived the shooting but is now paralyzed from the waist down. When this incident took place, it was outrage in the black community. People were so frustrated and upset. Even the NBA almost canceled the season because the black players were upset with this shooting happening.

The DA Graveley, a Democrat, said that the evidence showed that there shouldn’t be charges filed. The shooting took place on camera and was seen by the entire world. Officer Sheskey tried to say that Blake had a knife in the car and was worried Blake was reaching for the knife. But listening to Blake and his parents, he was not reaching for a knife and was trying to leave the situation because it was his son’s birthday and he was ready to leave.

This whole situation is just another example that regardless if the politician is a Democrat or a Republican, it is still the same racist system. People get so caught up with the party instead of looking at the candidate.

Jacob Blake may never walk again because of this shooting and won’t get justice for what happened to him. Time and time again, this system shows that it was never designed to protect black folks. It was only designed to help the dominant society.

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