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The Aftermath of The Winter Storm That Hit Texas.

By now, we all have seen the horrific pictures, videos, messages, and statements from those who live in Texas. This past week has been like no other for people dealing with winter storms in the 2nd largest state in the United States of America.

There were record setting temperatures set once the storm hit on Sunday night, February 14th, and it brought the state an actual reality of what improvements are needed. The storm exposed so much that everything should be immediately reevaluated.

The storm exposed the lack of infrastructure that Texas has when it comes to winter temperatures. The storm revealed Texas’s idiotic decision to be the only state to have its own power grid. The storm exposed the lack of leadership we have in our top republican leaders at a state level. All of the major cities in Texas were impacted by the storm and affected tremendously.

ERCOT is over the electric power grid for the entire state of Texas. They explained that the power grid would sustain the storm and make it through. However, once the temperatures dropped and the snow turned into ice, things went left fast. It was discovered that the power grid wasn’t winterized, which led to the natural gases freezing and millions of people being without power during a time with low temperatures.

It was complete chaos that people had to endure for three straight days. Now people are trying to get back into the swing of things since they have power. Unfortunately, plenty of people still don’t have power or don’t have a home to go to. With the infrastructure being the way it is, many homes and apartments were flooded due to busted pipes from the cold weather. Other homes caught on fire and burned down during this storm as well.

The aftermath of this storm has taken a toll and will continue to take a toll. Boil Water advisories have been sent out in multiple cities and counties. Grocery stores barely have food and water. People will have to pay for flood damage that has happened in their homes. Then the electric companies will charge extra for the amount of electricity being used now.

This storm’s total cost will be in the billions and take some time for some people to recover. The death toll has surpassed ten people and may continue to rise. This will be a moment in time that people will always remember what happened and how it could have been prevented.  People have to work hard to get a sense of normalcy, even though the storm took that away for a few days.

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