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Haiti Looking For New Leader After The Assassination of President Joevenl Moise.

Haiti is looking for new leadership after the death of President Moise at his home. He was assassinated in the early morning, and there are a lot of questions about his death. The country is looking for answers as they’ve been experiencing turmoil over the past years.

It is safe to say that President Moise wasn’t popular amongst a lot of Haitian citizens. He had the reputation of overusing his power and making examples out of his critics. Also, the economic conditions and living conditions became worse for residents under Moise’s leadership.

There was even more turmoil when President Moise didn’t resign and hand over power back in February. Technically his reign should have been over in February, but he didn’t relinquish his role and wasn’t going to step down until February 2022.

Haiti has been in the news a lot over the past years. From the large protest to the high unemployment wages and rough living conditions, the strong people of Haiti have fought to get their voices heard.

New leadership is needed, and a new voice will be refreshing. Of course, the U.S has offered their assistance with help, but it comes with some skepticism. One major thing that jumps out is that all of the residents living in Haiti don’t have the vaccine. So there are rumblings that the help that will come from the U.S will include citizens getting vaccinated.

With all of the corruption and lack of structure that the people of Haiti have faced, new refreshed leadership is in dire need. As of now, who knows who will take the role of being the permanent leader, but the people of Haiti hope that it is a leader that will lead the country in a positive direction.

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