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Turmoil in South Africa…

Over the past week, there has been unrest in the streets of South Africa. There have been protests and riots, with many lives being lost and many injured. Troops are being called in to get control and stop the riots, but a lot of damage has already been done.

The unrest came when former President Zuma turned himself in to authorities and was put into jail. He was arrested on the charges of being in contempt of court. During Zuma’s leadership, he was blamed for a lot of corruption allegations and unethical practices.

He resigned in 2018 due to these allegations but still has a strong supporter base in South Africa. When he was booked into jail, his supporters started to demonstrate their frustration and took to the streets, which has led to considerable unrest that has caught everyone’s attention.

Stores are being broken into, and buildings are burning. A lot of property has been damaged with goods being stolen. Government officials are hoping that things calm down soon to start the clean up efforts, but they are unsure.

Residents are even forming groups to protect their stores and property from being damaged. There have been over 100 deaths, with more than 1,000 people being arrested.

The hope of current President Ramaphosa is for democracy to be restored and the riots to stop. He is hoping that the people of South Africa can come together and stop the violence. But the people of South Africa are angry and shown with these riots how angry they are.

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