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The Weekly Opinion…Midterms Can Be An Eye Opener For The Democratic Party With Black Voters.

We are a few months away from November Midterms, and things are not looking good for the Democratic Party. There were a lot of promises given two years ago, but those promises have not been delivered, and the frustration has been growing among many Black voters.

The projections from news outlets and political strategists show that the Democrats are headed for a significant loss in November. They are projected to lose the majority in congress and all the momentum they once had.

Black voters are noticeably upset about the lack of legislation for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the George Floyd Policing Reform. These were two things promised and mentioned on the campaign trail of how it is important and how these bills would be passed.

On top of Black voters’ frustration, there is a reality of voter turnout being low in November. With everything happening right now with inflation, a possible recession, still dealing with the pandemic, Roe V Wade being overturned, and the great recession, people, are burnout on trying to show up for politicians. There is so much fatigue with our political system, which will continue to drag on until results start.

Black Voters have always blindly supported the Democratic party for decades regardless of what the Democrats did, but this time can be different. The frustration has been building, and the complaints are getting louder and louder. With the results coming in November, the Dems may finally sit down and listen if they are smart and want to regain that trust again.

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