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Water Crisis In Jackson, Mississippi

  1. The citizens of Jackson, MS, are currently in a water crisis. The state officials advised residents last week to not shower or use water that is provided by the city. This has put the city in a State of Emergency similar to what happen in Flint, MI.

Jackson has been experiencing some water trouble over the past few years. A year ago, we wrote an article about the flooding and drainage problems in Jackson.

Residents were voicing their frustration about the lack of trust they had with using the city water and the infrastructure within the city.

The infrastructure in the city is old and outdated. It needs to be revamped to truly fix the problem. An huge investment is needed to correct the water flow problems and also create an environment to where the water is consistently safe to use.

The city is around 80% black and has many low income residents. This water issue has been going on for some time now but the elected officials have not made the necessary changes or adjustments to fix the problem. This is another city with a majority black race to have water problems.

As of now, residents are being told to boil the water before use or they are having to use bottled water for their daily activities.

There has been some tension between the Mayor of Jackson and the Governor of Mississippi. This has resulted in a difference of opinion about state funding.

With the different politics that comes into play, the residents are the people who are suffering because of the lack of response from the state.

If you are looking to donate water or resources to Mississippi to help, you can look into these organizations listed below.

Water Donations Deliveries:
MS Rapid Response Coalition
3645 Hwy 80
Jackson, MS 39209
(240) 517-6623



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