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The Democratic Party Is Losing Its Ground With Black Male Voters….

With it being September, political parties and politicians are starting to heat things up with Midterms being two months away. The ads are starting to be shown more. Also, you are having a lot of city conversations and town halls taking place.

But one thing that is also starting to show is what is happening between the Democrat Party and Black Male voters. Growing issues and tension are starting to show among Black Male Voters.

One political race that shows this is the Governor’s race in Georgia. Candidate Stacy Abrams is going against incumbent Gov. Kemp.

This is the second time these two will face off for Governor of GA with Kemp winning the first time. Abrams is known to be a very intelligent candidate who is credited with turning Georgia Blue for the first time in a long time during the last presidential race between Biden (D) and Trump (R).

When Abrams first ran for Governor, she had over 90% of support from Black Men and Black Women. But with a recent study conducted about voters in Georgia, that has changed. Black Women still support Abrams over 90% but the support from Black Men has dropped from over 90% to 80% now.

Yes, she is still getting the majority support but that is a noticeable difference and has begun the conversation on why Black Men are leaving the Democrat party.

There are many reasons why Black Men are no longer supporting the Democrat party. But the issue comes with the party not listening and seeing the facts. Black men are tired of the excuses and want something tangible for their vote.

Black Men are tired of being belittled when they challenge Democrats on their lack of action on the policies and legislation they campaign on.

Black men are seeing that they are not seriously considered unless they agree with everything Democrats say even if it doesn’t align with their thought process.

It’s like the Democrats are use to getting away with the empty promises that they can’t fathom Black men finally taking a stand and speaking up.

Black Male voters should be treated like all people who vote. They should get the same respect and concern when it comes to listening to what they need. Until this happens, more Black men will leave the Democrat party which will negatively impact the Democrats.

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