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The Weekly Opinion: The Hypocrisy Of Coverage With Black Men In The Media

With the recent news that has hit the airwaves, you are seeing how much things are different when it focuses on Black men.

This isn’t about focusing on what’s right or wrong because that can be very subjective, depending on your perspective. This is about the news coverage having the same consistent outrage.

When a strong black man is in the news, the outrage tends to be very loud and extra, especially with other black men who work for that network discussing the story.

This happens whenever the news story is about something a black man has done or said. It’s something to expect at this point, regardless of the news channel.

Look no further than the coverage you see now with what’s happening with Kyrie Irving and Brett Farve. 

For example, Brett Farve has been caught stealing government-funded money intended for Mississippi citizens living in poverty. This was such an egregious thing to do and carry out.

But he has not apologized and wasn’t forced to apologize. Then the media (especially sports networks) only covered the story for one or two days.

It didn’t get the loud outrage it should have, and the story has gone away, which reverts to my original point. The inconsistencies are always there, and the anger only comes out for Black Men. Especially what they are trying to do with Kyrie.

It’s so easy at times for these networks to have this selective outrage because they know other black men (that are paid) will come to speak on the topic to stay in good graces with the network.

We hear how things have “progressed” since the civil rights movement. But when it comes to Black men in the media, things are still the same. It’s still inconsistent and overzealous.

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