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New State Laws in 2023.

Whenever the new year starts, it always brings excitement because of the fresh start. But one thing to always look for is the new laws that take effect for your state.

Every year on January 1st new laws begins for all states, and it is essential to know the legislation and what has changed so you can be prepared for what’s to come.

Each state’s laws differ depending on what party your political representatives are tied to. But it is essential to understand what has changed so you won’t put yourself in a compromising position.

Here are some notable changes by some states that took effect on January 1st:

Alabama has relaxed there gun laws for citizens living in the state. You no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

For the Homeless residents in Missouri, it is now a misdemeanor to sleep on Government property in the state.

Teaching Critical Race Theory has now been banned in North Dakota. The representatives have banned all teaching from public schools.

California has prohibited officers from stopping Jaywalkers on the street.

These are just a few changes that are in place now for the new year. To learn what has changed in your state, visit your state’s website to see what has been written into law.

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