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New Law In Mississippi Bring Reminisce of Jim Crow Laws

  • A  New Law in Mississippi that some politicians want passed has the Black Community upset and outraged. It is fringing up against their constitutional rights and taking the city of Jackson backward.

House Bill 1020, which recently passed the Mississippi House, will bring into effect a separate court system for Jackson. This law will allow the state to appoint judges for the city while giving the state authority to have a state police force in the town.

This can be a huge problem for black residents in Jackson. With a predominantly black city (80%), the residents and local politicians expressed how this Bill would negatively impact the black citizens of Jackson.

The residents have expressed how this Bill reminds them of Jim Crow Laws and removes their right to vote and select the judges for their city.

The state representative who introduced the Bill shared that the bill is a necessary step to stop the rise in crime. However, when these types of laws roll out, it usually leads to one race being targeted the most.

The Bill is now in the Senate’s hands as they must approve or dismiss it. It has caused significant concern and worry because this Bill is considered another unfair advantage that will hurt the Black Community.

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