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The Weekly Opinion: The Scary Reality Of AI Coming into The World…..

Technology has made significant strides that people can enjoy over the past few decades. Small computers in our pockets give us access to the world and resources.

We can do so much with our phones due to the enhancements and growth of technology over the years.

But what is come into play now with this new Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be pretty terrifying if people think about it.

This new version of AI is bringing and will bring changes that society may not be able to recover or adapt to.

It provides new ways to do things, such as making music on its own or writing students’ reports for them. Still, it also will hit the job market and put the economy in a position where many people are qualified for positions but are without work.

Companies have already announced how they will eventually be automated for most of their stores, which may impact retail stores the most.

It will affect many who AI is replacing, and those jobs will never return. You also will have to look at other things that will be affected. Like the music industry and journalists who cover stories for their major newspaper companies.

AI will gain more power and still be a powerful tool as time passes. Great minds like Elon have called for a pause on bringing AI into the world.

No matter what AI becomes, the only way to get ahead of it is to learn how to adapt to the changes.

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