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The Weekly Opinion… Why Legislation is Needed For A Max Age with Politicians.

Most have seen the recent events with Senator Mitch McConnell freezing up at his press briefings. Those incidents perfectly represent US Politics and how many political leaders should retire but won’t due to greed and the love of power.

We currently have a bit of a mess with some of the leaders in Congress. They are old and have reached a state where they should not make decisions that will affect millions.

This is a bipartisan problem because both Democrats and Republicans have members in Congress who are suffering from old age and health problems, but none will retire.

It’s all connected to greed and power because both sides use leverage with numbers for their older colleagues.

Not only does this affect millions of people with their judgment, but it also stunts the growth and ideas of future young political leaders who could be in those positions.

This problem has become so clear now that voters are getting turned off. Voters are not fund of Biden’s age and how older he will be if he has a second term.

A new age law should be passed due to this reoccurring problem. There should be a certain age that once it is reached, you can’t run for public office.

This will be a great benefit and won’t allow things to happen like they are now, with some politicians freezing up, stumbling on words, or falling asleep at press briefings.

It’s an embarrassment when these situations arise, but like anything else, an age law like that will be hard to pass because a lot of our lawmakers are addicted to power and won’t give it up regardless of how old they are


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