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Will The Future Generation Stay Loyal To The Democratic Party.

Over the past 30 years, the Democratic Party has relied on, and even taken for granted, the Black community’s loyalty with our votes. But will this stay the same with the generation of the Future?

It is no secret that most of the Black community votes Democrat most of the time. And when I say majority, I’m referring to over 80%.

The Democrat party always uses our support to get them into office because they have always won our vote without trying. However, with recent events in the political landscape, support is starting to wane a little bit.

With some recent polls done about the Black Vote, some voters are starting to voice their concerns and are frustrated with how their support only seems to be one way, and it’s not reciprocated.

From the recent Presidential election with Biden winning, some things that were promised haven’t come to fruition, and people are upset about it. Also, looking at how low his approval ratings are with the 18-30 age group is a cause for concern.

The support that the party once had with our elders and parents is fading. It is due to the lack of new ideas and no new young voices given the opportunity to lead. And the issues that are front and center aren’t being addressed.

This begs the question of how future generations will respond to the Democrat party? Because if the prospective voters are losing faith, the support will be less and less each year.

Future voters need a different approach from politicians to get their vote due to the society these young voters grow up in. The old catch phrases and tactics won’t work on young prospective black voters like it did in the past. And if voter participation is decreasing now, that number will increase as time goes on, the Democrat Party in for a rude awakening when they realize it.

Loyalty usually comes with both sides are benefiting from the relationship. Still, how things are beginning to look, future black voters won’t have the same loyalty as past generations because tangible differences are not happening. These voters want substance and policy that will benefit them.


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