The War In The Congo.

People are being displaced, there are food shortages, war is going on, and the living conditions are anything but good. Where would this be happening, you may ask?  In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The country is in a tight and challenging spot right now with all of the significant issues happening simultaneously with their government and citizens.

The people fleeing from the eastern part of the Congo face extreme poverty and hardships. They are camping in tents while trying to provide food and shelter for their families. This situation has been a significant concern since 2022 but recently took a turn for the worse due to the violence and food shortages.

Children are being exploited to work to pull cobalt for several companies. This mineral is used in electronic & electrical sectors, machinery manufacturing, and chemical and ceramic industries.

But, all this turmoil has not received the appropriate attention from mainstream media. The story isn’t getting 24-hour coverage like it should. The exploitation of kids in these mines should be an outrage around the world, but few news networks are reporting, and people are aware.

The current conflicts has displaced millions of people. The world finds a way to convene in other situations, and support is needed to help with food shortages and living conditions and, most importantly, stop child exploitation.


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