Wednesday Enlighten Restaurant To Vist: The Bells Sweet Factory

Welcome back to another great episdoe of Enlighten Tours. Today we stopped by The Bells Sweet Factory. This is a Seafood Food Truck restaurant providing some great seafood New Orleans style. We enjoyed every bit of our meal and you definitely should stop by. Watch the full episdoe in the video below to see what happen on our visit.

Joe Biden’s First 100 Days Coming To An End Soon…

We are getting close to Biden passing his first 100 days. Why is this landmark so important? Because with any presidency, most of the vital legislation that the sitting president deems important, those bills are passed within the first 100 days. So let’s take a look at what was passed so far.

For starters, Biden has signed over 40 executive orders to start his presidency. This is the most by any president from the past three administrations. One of the executive orders that he signed was the discrimination act against Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. Due to the conversation regarding how and where Covid-19 came from, there has been an uptick in discrimination against the Asian community.

Biden also was heavy with his actions toward the Coronavirus. Many of his executive orders aimed to provide support and help with the aid needed due to the Pandemic results. For example, he signed an order regarding his 100 day mask challenge, asking Americans to wear masks for 100 days to beat the Covid-19.

Some other highlights were making sure the U.S rejoined the Paris climate accord, pausing Federal Student loan payments until October 2021, and extending moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, and voter access (end of March).

However, what has not happened is an executive order specifically tailored only for the Black community. As stated in previous articles, black people saved his campaign in the South Carolina primary and gave him the push needed to become the Democratic nominee.

Like many other candidates, he had a black agenda on his website during his campaign (which included all minorities) and talked about how he would address the black community. He still has time because both sides of congress ( House & Senate) are in his favor these next two years.

However, the first 100 days are when a president sets the tone for his next four years. It is the foundation to where presidents work to build on moving forward. The Asian community received an executive order just for them. But the black community wasn’t listed specifically for any executive order.

Biden’s supporters are consistently saying “give him time” and “he just got into office.” That won’t work after a while and will fall on deaf ears because he has the power needed to get legislation passed. So there isn’t anything standing in his way, and he has all the leverage needed. Let’s see what happens in these next four years because it is a waiting game now.


The Trial of Derek Chauvin Still Ongoing.

The trial has been in session for 5 days now, and it is a lot to handle. The testimonies from the witnesses are heartbreaking and hard to hear. The day George Floyd was murdered by former officer Chauvin has impacted this country unlike any other, and the Trial shows the damaging impact it has had.

The Defense is trying their best to paint a bad picture of George Floyd and discredit the witnesses who saw what happened. The lawyers are trying to create a scene where Derek was in the right to do what he did, but from the video and testimonies, it’s clear that Chauvin was wrong and deserves a long jail sentence.

There have been multiple witnesses that have testified about what they saw on that horrible day. So far, the testimonies have come from the store clerk, EMT workers, eyewitnesses, and bystanders who were there.

The testimonies have been hard to stomach because it is replaying the act over and over again. The testimonies have come from people at the tender age of 9 up to people in their 50s & 60s. It’s been hard to watch because George Floyd didn’t deserve to be murdered by officers that are supposed to protect citizens. This is another example of how policing in this country is horrific and needs to be overhauled completely.

Black people have been providing accurate statements about how the black community is policed and harassed immensely by the police. The relationship has no trust, and the police aren’t doing anything to truly build the trust, which you see in this trial. A tale of two different worlds meeting and one life being taken away because of terrible policing.

The trial will continue but what everybody is waiting on is the verdict from this case. It is crystal clear from watching the video and hearing these testimonies that Derek Chauvin is guilty and should put in jail for a long time. However, when it comes to justice in this country, to the rules always change.