Famous Inventors: Alice H. Parker

Alice Parker’s invention should be discussed more because, without her patent, most of us might still be using some form of how households heated their home with wood or coal.

Very little is talked about when it comes to  Alice H. Parker. Her patent changed the way heat in the home is used today. What did she invent? She patented the central heating system. At the time, most homes were using either coal or wood to heat their homes. But her design allowed cool air to be drawn into the furnace, which conveyed through a heat exchanger that provided warm air through ducts to each room in the home. Also, her design used natural gas as fuel.

Her patent was filed on Dec. 23, 1919. Very little is know about her childhood or early adulthood. What is know is that she was born in 1895 in Morristown, NJ. She also attended high school at Howard University Academy in Washington, D.C. The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce gives out the Alice H. Parker Women Leaders in Innovation Award for women that show a rich legacy in innovation. Alice Parker should be discussed more because, without her patent, most of us might still be using some form of how households heated their home with wood or coal.

Reference: www.blackpast.org


Family of Moses Harris Looking for Answers in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The Family of Moses Harris in Lowell, MA, wants more clear answers regarding Moses’ disappearance. On December 19th, he was last seen by police officers. Police are saying he jumped into Concord River, but his family wants to know more and doesn’t believe that truly happened.

The police have not released the bodycam footage of the entire event of what happened that night. Some of the reports are that the police force in Lowell don’t have body cams. So right now, the only side the family is getting is from what the police are saying. The newspapers and media are also giving ambiguous statements with little to no details.

There have been protests throughout the city since Moses went missing that night. The family aren’t getting anything from the police, and the police are not even trying to work with them. He went missing after the police were looking to arrest Moses that night.

The family wants to get the entire story of what happened to Moses. Police have stated that they searched for him and used all the resources they have to find Moses. The police have called off the search in Concord River for Mr. Harris’s body. The family is still seeking the truth to get closure and all the details.

The Weekly Opinion…With Congress Being Controlled by Democrats, No More Excuses…

We are just a week away from the Inauguration happening and Biden being sworn in to be the next President. All of the emails, commercials, rallies, and campaign work will be over because the campaign was successful by him becoming the next President. He is walking into his Presidency with control over the Senate and House of Representatives. So there shouldn’t be any excuses now.

Biden is in a perfect situation to start his presidency next week. He has the majority in Congress. This is huge because this will give him all the leverage that he needs to pass the legislation his campaign ran on. He will be able to get bills that he is in favor of passing signed and approved.

The priority that he will look to take care of first is getting more vaccines distributed and providing more covid relief. He has already mentioned this in previous meetings and discussions.

But the big question is what policies/ legislation he will pass that will bring substance or tangibles to the African American community. Yes, it was the African American community that saved his campaign. It was the African American community that put him in the position that he is in now.

So what will the Biden Administration do for the next two years that he has this control of Congress? People are anxiously waiting and wanting to know what will be passed. He has all the wiggle room needed and shouldn’t have excuses why he can’t pass anything.

In our communities, we’re always told that your vote is your voice, and we should use that voice. Well, our voices were loud and clear, and it’s time that politicians hear our voices. True legislation designed only for the Black community is what he should do. Since we were the only race who truly saved his campaign, we should be the first race to have a tangible policy with substance from the Biden Administration.

No Charges Filed for the Shooting of Jacob Blake

Another shooting by a police officer ending in the same results. On Tuesday, January 5th, the District Attorney of Kenosha County, Michael Graveley, announced that no charges would be filed against police officers for the shooting of Jacob Blake.

This terrible shooting took place in August 2020, and Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by police officer Sheskey. Blake was outside in his community, breaking up a fight between two people. The police were called, and one thing lead to another. Blake was walking around about to enter his car when the police shot him 7 times.

Blake survived the shooting but is now paralyzed from the waist down. When this incident took place, it was outrage in the black community. People were so frustrated and upset. Even the NBA almost canceled the season because the black players were upset with this shooting happening.

The DA Graveley, a Democrat, said that the evidence showed that there shouldn’t be charges filed. The shooting took place on camera and was seen by the entire world. Officer Sheskey tried to say that Blake had a knife in the car and was worried Blake was reaching for the knife. But listening to Blake and his parents, he was not reaching for a knife and was trying to leave the situation because it was his son’s birthday and he was ready to leave.

This whole situation is just another example that regardless if the politician is a Democrat or a Republican, it is still the same racist system. People get so caught up with the party instead of looking at the candidate.

Jacob Blake may never walk again because of this shooting and won’t get justice for what happened to him. Time and time again, this system shows that it was never designed to protect black folks. It was only designed to help the dominant society.

Master P and Baron Davis working to Purchase Reebook.

Rap Mogul and former NBA All-Star Baron Davis are currently in talks to purchasing the shoe company Reebok. The reports are showing that they are looking to purchase Reebok for $2.4B.

This will be a huge step for the Black Culture regarding having a major shoe brand be black owned. Master P is known for his entrepreneur mindset and success with his business deals.

The two are looking to make a major difference in the shoe market with this purchase that will change the shoe industry’s landscape. The deal has not gone through yet, but it looks like the deal will be finalized soon.

Master P has always been known to be a major entrepreneur that always spoke on ownership. He has been successful with several of his business ventures and has encouraged others to take the same step.

Once everything is finalized, the deal will hit the news within seconds. The power of two black men being owners of a major shoe company is incredible. Because true wealth comes from having true ownership and equity in a company.

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