Wednesday Enlighten Restaurant To Visit: TLC Vegan Kitchen

For Today’s Episode we stopped by TLC Vegan Kitchen in Garland, TX. This is a Vegan Restaurant serving many different vegan food options on their menu. It’s a great place to stop by if you’re looking to try some Vegan Food in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Watch the full episdoe below to see what we ordered.

Biden Administration To Give $50 Million To Asian American Community While Black Community Still Hope For Reparations…

In response to the recent attacks on some Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the Biden Administration has created a $50 million grant to combat the violence these communities have experienced within the past year. This $50 million grant is turning heads to those paying attention because of how fast the funding was created just after one year.

The grant will provide support and services needed by those who are in these two communities specifically. But the interesting thing is how after one year, funding is provided for other races of people, but when the topics switch over to the Black community, patience is always asked of us.

Reparations have been a critical and essential topic for the past two years. It was even a leading discussion at these presidential debates. However, the words dished out to black voters every time this comes up are “be patient” or “let’s wait & see” or my personal favorite, “we will study the bill first.”

There shouldn’t be anything to study or to review. Reparations are long overdue for the Black community and there shouldn’t be any stalling. It’s been over 400 years and we all see the affects of how one-sided things have been.

The $50 million grant created for the Asian American & Pacific Islanders will support domestic violence survivors and provide services for those with language barriers. This grant was well received within the two communities and brought instant gratification. It was applauded and praised by people working within these communities because of the Biden Administration’s swift response.

However, when it comes to the Black Community, the response to reparations is slow and stalled. These same politicians don’t have the same passion and energy to get things passed this swiftly. It is always a waiting game and a study involved to do what was promised to the Black community 400 years ago.

As of now, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is over the reparations study. She is leading the efforts looking into what Reparations will look like and how much it should be. But one thing is for sure, the response has been slow and not as swift.

With this $50 million grant being specifically given only to these two groups of people, there shouldn’t be any excuses about Black people receiving Reparations.

Melanin Water Companies

Due to the recent events of the winter storm that affected the South. As well as the ongoing pandemic and water issues that have been a problem in black communities along with water shortages. The list below is a few melanin water companies that you can support.

Mug Jug

Positivity Alkaline Water

Family Springs Water

Alkaline Lyfe

Supreme Spring Water


The Trial of Derek Chauvin Still Ongoing.

The trial has been in session for 5 days now, and it is a lot to handle. The testimonies from the witnesses are heartbreaking and hard to hear. The day George Floyd was murdered by former officer Chauvin has impacted this country unlike any other, and the Trial shows the damaging impact it has had.

The Defense is trying their best to paint a bad picture of George Floyd and discredit the witnesses who saw what happened. The lawyers are trying to create a scene where Derek was in the right to do what he did, but from the video and testimonies, it’s clear that Chauvin was wrong and deserves a long jail sentence.

There have been multiple witnesses that have testified about what they saw on that horrible day. So far, the testimonies have come from the store clerk, EMT workers, eyewitnesses, and bystanders who were there.

The testimonies have been hard to stomach because it is replaying the act over and over again. The testimonies have come from people at the tender age of 9 up to people in their 50s & 60s. It’s been hard to watch because George Floyd didn’t deserve to be murdered by officers that are supposed to protect citizens. This is another example of how policing in this country is horrific and needs to be overhauled completely.

Black people have been providing accurate statements about how the black community is policed and harassed immensely by the police. The relationship has no trust, and the police aren’t doing anything to truly build the trust, which you see in this trial. A tale of two different worlds meeting and one life being taken away because of terrible policing.

The trial will continue but what everybody is waiting on is the verdict from this case. It is crystal clear from watching the video and hearing these testimonies that Derek Chauvin is guilty and should put in jail for a long time. However, when it comes to justice in this country, to the rules always change.