New Report For California Reparations Released.

The California Reparations Task Force Group has just released its highly anticipated reparations report. This 500 page report details the many injustices Black Americans have faced since slavery and how Black Americans are due for reparations at all levels (infrastructure, cash payments, & business investments).

This 13 chapter report breaks down the harm intentionally done to Black Americans in California from slavery. The report was a huge announcement since the task force was created. This Task Force is the only one in the U.S. that is currently meeting to discuss the impact on its state’s citizens regarding reparations.

A few months ago, the task force announced that those who have lineage to the descendants of enslaved people would only be available for the reparations. In a recent interview, Chair Kamilah Moore discussed how important the report was and its critical findings. She also explained that now the next step will be to discuss the different types of payments for reparations. She stated that the task force would be hiring economic advisors to research how much is owed to Black Americans living in the state of California.

The report breaks down and highlights the policies and laws enacted to purposely hurt Black Americans in California. Whether it was housing tactics or hiring tactics, that was done to make sure black people suffered, which made it hard for black people in California to build wealth as a collective.

The next report will be released next year, with all the findings, including the payments. The report clarifies that something should also be done at the federal level while highlighting what should be done for Black Americans living in California.

California, at the moment, is the only state that has created this task force and the only state supporting this work on reparations. Things are moving in the right direction for this reparations topic. Kamilah hopes this will impact all states to create a task force and start the discussion at a state level.

It will be interesting to see how they will be talking about the payments because that is what many are focusing on the most. The reparations payment for Black Americans are long overdue, and with what Black Americans have been through, it is about time we receive what is owed.

The interim report is listed in the link below.

New Policing Reform Passed At The Federal Level…

On the two year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, President Joe Biden gathered with the family members of George Floyd and other families who have lost loved ones to police killings to sign the new Executive Order on Police Reform.

Biden signed this Executive Order to correct the mishap of the George Floyd Policing Act failing to pass in the Senate in 2021. This new policing reform aims to correct the bad policing practices that continue to happen.

The reform will revise the use of force policies for police, banning chokeholds and restricting no knock warrants. The reform will also work to provide grant incentives to states that help adapt the same policies.

The biggest thing about this executive order is that this only applies to the Federal Level. So the police forces at the Federal level are the CIA, FBI, and DEA, to name a few. The majority of the killings in the black neighborhood by police come from police who work for the city.

This is a big deal because of the needed impact black communities have been calling for are on the state levels and with the local police. This Federal level change is a start, but it’s not the change needed and not the change promised to black voters in 2020.

The grant incentives will be used as a incentive to get the state and, most importantly, the city police to buy into the new changes. Activists are still working hard behind the scenes to get the George Floyd Policing Act passed to be put into law. That is an important bill that will look to correct policing tactics across all cities. That is the bill that will provide the impact that is needed.