Congressional Gold Medal is Being Awarded to Emmett Till and His Mother.

By Destine Wilson

The infamous story of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African American kid from Chicago, who was brutally murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman is being brought back to light this year. It is imperative that the word “kid” be emphasized because he was just 14 years old; the age of a kid who’s just entering high school or celebrating his first strand of facial hair. The murderers, however, did not see him that way.

They saw him as disposable, inferior, and undeserving of consideration. Their complete and utter ignorance led to the brutal killing of Emmett. His murderers, the white woman’s husband, and brother committed the act by beating him nearly to death, gouging out his eye, shooting him in the head, before throwing his body into the river.  

Just recently, to honor Emmett, Sens. Cory Booker, D-N.J. and Richard, R-N.C, introduced a bipartisan bill, awarding him and his mother, Mamie-Till-Mobley, with the highest civilian honor, the Congressional Gold Medal that Congress awards; some recipients of this award have been George Washington, Major General Horatio Gates, fallen soldiers, etc.

“His gruesome murder still serves as a solemn reminder of the terror and violence experienced by Black Americans throughout our nation’s history,” Booker said in a statement. “The courage and activism demonstrated by Emmett’s mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, in displaying to the world the brutality endured by her son helped awaken the nation’s conscience, forcing America to reckon with its failure to address racism and the glaring injustices that stem from such hatred.”

Enlighten Tours Restaurant To Visit: INVASION

Today’s Enlighten Tours episode features Invasion located in Dallas, TX. This restaurant is known for serving some great sandwiches in the DFW area. We stopped by and picked up a few things off the menu and also you know we had to taste the food. Watch the full episode below of our visit and be sure to stop by and support.

The Cleveland District Renaming Schools Named After Slaveholders.

By Destine Wilson

Thomas Jefferson School, consisting of 64 percent of Black students, 16 percent of Latino students, and 14 percent of white students located in Cleveland, Ohio’s school district, is showing its commitment to inclusivity by making some significant changes, renaming its school. The school and seven others in the district are considering this symbolic change.

These changes have been considered for more than a year after the Cleveland City Council passed a resolution urging the district to rename schools honoring figures associated with racism in 2020. During this change, the district’s Board of Education appointed a group committed to establishing “naming criteria” and identifying schools, who have been named after individuals who have had histories of participating in “systemic racism” and “oppression.”

Once the school names were reviewed, five elementary schools – Albert Bushnell Hart, Louis Agassiz, Luis Muñoz Marín, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry – will have new names by the 2022-23 school year.

Apart of the district’s mission to make these changes, two high schools, named after John Marshall and James Ford Rhodes, are also being considered, in which changes will be made at a later date.

The board is permitting public input in January and February, and the act of approving the names will happen in March, according to the documents.

Kevin Conwell, a Cleveland councilman, has suggested that Patrick Henry elementary be renamed after Ohio’s first Black congresswoman, Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

“Children could read about her, and young girls would aspire to be like her! How would you feel if your teacher told you to do a book report on Patrick Henry and you found out he was a slaveholder?” Conwell said, according to NBC.

“We can’t have our children going to a school named for people who owned slaves, who owned Black people. Nowhere on this planet should you go to school where you’re honoring your oppressors,” Conwell said, according to the Hill.

Spencer Family Still Looking for Answers After The Death Of Their Loved One.

The police in western Pennsylvania are working to find out what happened to Peter Spencer when he was killed. On December 12th, Peter was found dead in a cabin in Rockland Township in Pennsylvania. He was on a hunting trip with a former co-worker and some friends who were all white.

From the autopsy done on Peter, many questions surround this case that has people thinking that some foul play happened that led to Peter’s death. He was shot six times in the chest, two in the buttocks, and one more shot from the mouth or the neck through the mouth. 

One of the suspects for the crime told the police that he shot Peter in self-defense. But things still are not adding up with how he died. Peter’s fiancé was very suspicious about this hunting trip in particular. After she dropped Peter off, she called him but never got a response. Then out of nowhere, she received a text message from Peter saying that he was staying the night at the cabin. 

The Spencer family calls this a hate crime and believes Peter was murdered on purpose and wants the suspects arrested. The state police are looking into this case and getting all the details about what happened. 

The family is patiently waiting to get all the details surrounding this case. Peter was their loved one, their friend, their brother, and a soon to be father. This case has the community’s attention, and they are hoping the killers are convicted for what they did. 




Mardi Gras Weekend Seafood Bash Coming Soon….

We are excited to officially announce our second food event. Coming this February on Mardi Gras weekend, we will host the first annual Seafood Bash. It’s an food event that will focus on the different Seafood items that people enjoy so much. The vendors attending the event will be serving catfish, shrimp, gumbo, crab legs, and so much more. The event will take place on Mardi Gras weekend in February of next year. Stay tuned for more details to come and tickets are available on eventbrite now.