Traveling outside of the United States is a great experience that can’t be described in words at times. The time abroad will expand your mind and give you a different perspective on life. Like any other trip you take domestically, there are some do’s and don’ts that any traveler should follow. Here are some simple tips to help along the way for any trip.

1. Make copies of your Passport. You just want to be sure you’re not in a vulnerable position if your Passport is stolen while traveling abroad. Having that copy will ensure that you can make it back home.

2. Have cash on you. It is always good to have cash on you no matter the circumstance. Some abroad restaurants or stores may not have the payment services to take your debit card or credit card. So having that cash will help in those situations.

3. Be careful of your surroundings. I know this is one may sound simple but be aware of your surroundings whenever you are out and about. You will stick out like a sore thumb, so it’s best to be on alert to avoid miscues.