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Kemet Nu “Know Thyself” Educational Tours.

Have you ever wanted to Travel to Africa but wasn’t sure on what place to go? Have you ever wanted to go and get an educational Tour with a bunch of Beautiful Black People? Well look no further than the Kemet Nu Educational Tours. Ashra & Merira Kwesi’s have been leading this awesome Tour to Africa for many years now. This Great educational Tour is a 15 Day Trip that makes stops in Egypt, Cairo, and Nubia. The Tour is based on Ashra Kwesi’s 3 decades of field research and tour experience in Egypt. This is a great tour to take to visit Africa and learn about our true History as African People. The tour is a life changing event and you will be amazed at all of the history taught during the tour.

Here are some of the things included with the tour:

1. Round Trip international Airfare from New York

2. 5 star hotel accommodations

3. Dynamic African Centered Lectures

You can find out more at the website listed below: