If someone owes more than $2500 in child support that individual will not be granted a passport. But they can contact the appropriate child support enforcement agency. The child support enforcement agency which reports to the HHS. Once the HHS (Health & Human Service Department)  has been notified that some acceptable payment arrangement has been made. Your name will be removed from a list by the HHS. They will notify the state department that is over passport affairs this may take 2-3 weeks. Once it is verified that the HHS has removed your name that individual can start the process of applying for a passport. But for more information go to www.acf.hhs.gov

If someone is under the age of 16 make sure that they are with their legal guardian.  As well as they have all valid ID, birth certificate. Also, proof that the person with the minor is a legal guardian.

Status of Gender Transition

You have to have appropriate clinical treatment.

Adults: 10 years                  Child under 16: 5 years

You are in the process of getting appropriate clinical treatment. Your physician will determine the clinical treatment.

Requirement Using Form DS-11:

Medical Certificate must have the following:

Here is an Example of a certification:

(Licensed Physician’s Official Letterhead)

(Physician’s Address and Telephone Number)


I, (physician’s full name), (physician’s medical license or certificate number), (issuing State of medical license/certificate), am the attending physician of (name of patient), with whom I have a doctor/patient relationship and whom I have treated (or with whom I have a doctor/patient relationship and whose medical history I have reviewed and evaluated).

(Name of patient) has had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition to the new gender (specify new gender male or female).


Reference: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel.html